Productivity and its instability.
How do you deal with it?
Are you able to respond to it?
Is it imposed to you?

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Senior Consultant

Mentor and coach of numerous clients in the scope of a career transition and repositioning on the Job market through outplacement programs & services.Workshop trainer in career transition tools.

Career Coaching

Builds partnerships with clients to provide help and support during concrete and actionable sessions. Strategic & pragmatic solution-oriented approach during clients unstable or challenging work situations.

Corporate Trainer

"Coaching culture in the workplace“: you probably heard these words before and have tried many things, from giving your advice to lead and show the way. But it’s not enough… Do you know how to coach?

Professional background

Gehan Mahendren is a senior consultant & trainer in career transition, he works between Geneva and Lausanne for one of the leading outplacement company in switztzerland.

With 18 years of experiences in various industries such as FMCG, PME in the swiss banking industry, entrepreneurship and family business makes him a well rounded professional.

He is recognized for his work in career path development, as interviewer/recruiter and as corporate trainer to offer high impact trainings in the area of Coaching and non-directive management techniques.

Gehan Mahendren is certified as Coach Interactional© & Business Coaching, Insight MDI assessments (Behaviours and Motivations), as well in Neuro Linguistic Programming.
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My approach

In today’s world, Professionals need to manage rapid changes cycles and stabilise in fast pace changing environments.

Improving communication and building strong and trusted relationships is key.

To meet those needs, I use a strategic and pragmatic solution-oriented approach.


Through active listening. What for? To clearly define your needs and objectives and finding what prevents you to move forward. My mentor used to say “The solution might be the problem”. Or is it the other way around? The goal is to truly understand where, whom, in what environment you are living and the pressure points along the way.


Everything lies in new options and solutions generation. Different to the ones you experienced so far.


The action plan: It will be specific, clear, measurable, with relevant actionable outcomes.

Thank you for having read to this point.It will be my pleasure to talk to you and provide more information if needed.

Have a good day!

Gehan Mahendren
GM Career Coaching SARL
23 Rue des Eaux-Vives
1207 Genève
+41 76 395

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